Colorado UFO Experience

Posted 11-30-07

The Event:

During the winter of 1980, I lived with my wife and young daughter in a condominium complex named The Ranch At Roaring Fork in Carbondale, Colorado, where I worked in the mining industry. It was a terrific location nestled in a Rocky Mountain valley with a trout-laden river in the backyard and Canadian Honker Geese foraging just outside our windows. In my spare time I enjoyed motorcycles, sport shooting, and occasional big game hunting.

One evening a friend named Doug and I decided to reconnoiter for deer in a remote part of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area located just north of Glenwood Springs in the White River National Forrest. We planned to return for a hunting trip if our reconnaissance produced encouraging signs of deer. Our scouting technique was not sophisticated. We would drive around the Flat Tops' back roads in Doug's car and search for deer tracks in the snow and/or reflections of our headlights in deer eyes. Little did I know that our simple plan would profoundly change my views about life, our planet, and the cosmos.

It was brutally cold as we drove along the lonely, snow covered road at 10 to 12 MPH. The local time was somewhere between 9 and 10PM. Our windows were up, the heater was running, and the night sky was crystal clear with countless twinkling stars as Doug and I quietly looked for deer. I scanned forward and to the right while he drove and scanned forward and to the left. An odd light caught my attention in the sky to our front. I focused upon it and could hardly believe my eyes. There, hovering in mid-air before us, was a round, green-glowing disk--a UFO.

As I studied the craft in amazement, I realized that it was polygonal rather than round, with an approximately octagonal periphery. The smooth surface of the disk emanated light but there were no other discernable features. I glanced quickly at Doug and saw that his eyes had also found the UFO through the windshield as he brought the car to a stop. The craft just hung there motionless in it's eerie bath of green light. It had no visible means of lift holding it in mid-air and we watched it with clarity for a few seconds. Suddenly it shot up to our right at about a 45 degree angle on a straight trajectory and disappeared into outer space at an astonishing velocity. It displayed no signs of propulsion. No thrust flames. No vapor trails. Just fantastic velocity. We were thoroughly stunned. The entire experience was brief, lasting about seven or eight seconds, and it burned deeply into my memory.

Note: I created the following computer-generated graphic to illustrate our view of the UFO as it hovered. The graphic doesn't show the

polygonal edges of the disk because I lacked the software to create a 3D disk (just imagine it is smoothly octagonal instead of round).


We didn't report the incident to any authorities because, without evidence, we knew we would be regarded as crackpots. Instead, we drove straight home in a state of great excitement while comparing our respective observations. We were both relieved to confirm that we saw the same thing. It was near midnight when I got home and woke up my wife to tell her about the incident. My excitement also infected her and we discussed the sighting until sunrise.

This report was written in late 2007, some 27 years after the actual event. Why did I wait so long? Because I am no longer concerned about being regarded as a crackpot, wacko, lunatic, or whatever. I was there. So, I am now compelled to at least expose others to the sighting and, in particular, the conclusions logically drawn from the sighting (see below). In fairness, I concede that I have long since lost contact with Doug and have absolutely no proof of my claims. Still, two and a half decades later, the impact of the experience is undiminished.



The craft was of intelligent design and under some kind of intelligent control whether by occupants, remote control, programming, or some other means.

The craft's technology was far beyond any known technology (our air/space craft can't remotely approach the observed flight traits of the UFO).

The craft's acceleration was so stupendously high that some mastery of "gravity control" is imperative.

We are not alone.



There were no other objects in the proximate sky to help me scale the craft's size, range, or altitude. My subjective senses told me that it was 30 to 50 feet in diameter at an altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 feet. Obviously, these numbers could be off which would make the craft either smaller and closer or larger and farther away. It is my best impression extrapolated from the observed events.

The glowing, green light emitted by the craft was not like "common" light. It looked like a plasma from an intense energy source.

The craft's extreme acceleration was beyond any scale of reference for an object of substantial mass. When it accelerated from it's stationary position into space, it traveled across more than one-third of the visible sky so fast that it was difficult for my then-20/10 vision to follow. People with less visual acuity might have thought that it had just disappeared--blinked out of existence. But it didn't blink out. It accelerated away as I watched it travel into an infinitely small point in space at incomprehensible speed. The magnitude of acceleration was on the order of *zero miles per hour to many tens of thousands of miles per hour*...virtually instantaneously. Yes, that's correct. The directed energy required to accelerate a sizeable physical object in that manner is far beyond our technical grasp. Also, the "G" forces associated with such hyper-acceleration would squash soft living cells (as we know life) into a film of molecules unless some type of gravity control could mitigate those G effects. We can measure, calculate, and predict gravity but we don't really understand its fundamental nature. In essence, we have no such gravity control technology.

As if this report didn't already put me at risk for ridicule, there was also a "paranormal" element to this UFO sighting. As I watched the craft hover above, I had a distinct sensation that some intelligence associated with the craft was aware of my observation. In other words, I keenly felt that my thoughts were being read. At the moment I became conscious of that spooky feeling, the craft sped away as previously described. The best way I can explain that weird feeling is to relate it to the experience of being among other people and having a sensation that you are being watched, without any clues from your usual five senses, and turn to look directly into someone's eyes who, indeed, is watching you intently. Science has named this telepathic effect "morphic resonance" (via a morphic field) and it appears to be a valid function of consciousness!

This was the most profound experience of my life!

It liberated me from the morass of confusion surrounding thousands of UFO reports including the hoaxes, misidentifications, disinformation, and other questionable scenarios. Thanks to a few seconds on a cold Colorado night in 1980, I happened to be in the right place at the right time to experience it with my own eyes and mind--an unequivocally genuine UFO from...? It is fascinating knowledge to possess and ponder.

Most readers of this report will know little or nothing about me and none of my so-called credentials are presented here in an effort to lend credence to my story. The report is what it is and I have no expectations of you as a reader. You weren't there and it is irrelevant if you reject my report, believe it, or only believe that I believe it. Perhaps, if nothing else, you were briefly entertained.

Every effort was made to accurately present only the observed facts. Thanks for reading.

You are welcome to contact me by email and to visit my parent website.

Tom Bumpous - Hendersonville, TN

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