2009 Ducati Monster 1100S

A world class dragon slayer!

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The first mods were removal of the Termignoni decals from the carbon mufflers and installation of TechSpec tank pads for knee grip and paint protection.

Termignoni Exhaust "dB Killers" Mods

The straight-through Termignoni mufflers make sweet music but they are very loud. In fact, I decided they were too loud for my neighborhood so I installed the dB Killer inserts that Termi supplies with the slip-on mufflers. The inserts REALLY quieted the Termi mufflers to near factory muffler levels--too quiet for me (from one extreme to the other extreme). I decided to cut off the solid ends of the inserts to open the exhaust flow and allow more sound out. This mod produced a nice, civilized exhaust note that seemed about half as loud as the open mufflers....still a tad too quiet for me. So, back to the grinder, I cut through the welds that hold the inserts together and they did, indeed, fall apart. That was good because my objective at this point was to save only the two rings (with nuts) to reduce the  muffler outlet diameter. With just the two rings installed, it is still fairly loud but less penetrating because some of the sharp open muffler "crack" is attenuated. I like it and might keep it this way.      

EvoTech Fender Eliminator Installation (Tail Tidy)



The EvoTech Tail Tidy is a quality fender eliminator kit from England. Installation is fairly easy, the factory turn signals can be re-used, wiring is simple, it fits well, and looks good. 

Front/rear axle sliders and frame sliders by SpeedyMoto.

Beltronics Pro RX-65 radar detector.

This excellent detector has been moved among several of my bikes with absolutely superior results. I use a coiled audio output cable from the detector to a helmet input jack that feeds two high-quality helmet speakers. The range and sensitivity continually amaze me (often exceeding 4 miles on straight sections of road) and, combined with proven riding tactics, the detector has saved my butt many, many times. The downside is that if I am stopped for speeding, the mere presence of the detector practically guarantees that I will be ticketed and not just warned. It's the nature of cops. I don't use a fancy rain case for the detector. I simply put the detector in a zip-lock bag in my pocket if it rains.

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